The German shepherd is the most respected, courageous, daring and helping breed. They love their owners and don’t leave any stone unturned in performing their duties. They have an exceptional intelligence level and always try to learn new things. They are good at performing tricks and always try to please their masters. They are also good with children and they don’t harm them. They are also known as the best protector dogs and are really conscious about saving their territory. They really don’t like strangers at home or even knocking at the door.

By appearance, these dogs are very beautiful and are attractive. They have a wolf like body structure and are very strong. They have a great stamina and don’t give up. They are also hired by military and perform their duties well on various sensitive locations. They have been searching for narcotics at airports since many years now.

Some people own these pets because they do a job for them. And some people own them for having a great pastime and companion. However, you should invest a good deal of time to train them. You should also be consistent in your behavior with your dog. You should also teach your other family members how to behave with GSD. You and your family should take care of your dog’s space and don’t move away its food or toys. Always keep your dog’s food and toys in a certain location.

two dogs

If you are living in an apartment and want to keep a  shepherd then here are some points which you should consider. As you know, that sucg dogs are really great breed. With all these distinct qualities, they are also large and need some space for themselves. These dogs can be of 70~120 pounds- their weight normally depends upon the genetic. However, if you are living an apartment, then still you can keep them with you. But you should be careful and considerate that GSD needs a plenty of walking and exercise. If you are living in an apartment, then you should devote some evening time for going for a walk in the evening. Shepherds have a lot of energy so it is necessary for them to consume it. If you will keep a GSD in an apartment, where it can’t move and there would be no way out for venting out their energy, then GSD will turn out to be abusive and aggressive dog.

Another factor that you should keep in mind before bringing a pet in your apartment is that they eat a lot so you must have a certain budget fixed for them.

Is this dog right for me

Many people love German Shepherd, but end up asking themselves that “Is a it right for me?”. The answer lies in the fact that it needs a plenty of money for keeping such a pet. You should be pretty rich to keep a GSD.

We are going to mention some financial expenses which you are expected to incur if you are deciding to keep a German Shepherd.

  • You will need $100 per year for the vaccinations and an annual examination fee
  • You will need $240 per year for heartworm and flea preventative for a dog that weights between 50 and 100 pounds.
  • You will need to fix a budget of $1040 per year to afford quality food.
  • Miscellaneous items like a collar, ID tag, shampoos, leash, chew toys and brushes will cost you around $250 per year.
  • You will also need to afford $100 for a large size crate
  • $25/per is the local licensing fees

Hence, you will need to have extra $1755.

a dog and a cat


They are great dogs and they are the third best dogs in total 200 breeds of dogs. They are loyal, confident and enthusiastic dogs.

They are also very good with children. They love attention, but keep strangers at bay. They are highly intelligent dogs and learn anything in a matter of five repetitive commands and instructions.