There are a lot of club championships and tournaments are held around the world. However, the World Underage Club Championship is one of those which can be participated by different nationalities and ages.

World Underage Club Championship still follows a normal golf tournament’s rules and scoring rubrics. The only difference is that the participants are not of legal age. In other words it’s a competition in the teen’s category, or kid’s category. The main objective of the tournament is for the players to complete a hole through playing their ball from its starting place or teeing ground to a hole in the putting green. This should be done using the least number of strokes. A putting green is the area prepared for putting and containing a hole. The hole usually has a diameter of 4.5 inches.

Get In The Hole‘s sponsorship allows for the regular tournament to have two different forms of game. One is by counting the number of holes won and the other one is by counting the number of strokes to complete a round. Each player will be given a score card and there lie the game’s rules and regulations. Like other underage tournaments, World Underage Club Championship expects that its participants know the proper etiquette in playing the matches, so that no rules will be broken.