4 different types of German shepherds

4 different types of German shepherds

The King Shepherd dog is the result of three dogs which were blended. Following mentioned dogs were blended in the early 1990s.The outcome of blending these three dogs is the King Shepherd Dog. This dog is the most popular dog. The body structure of this German Shepherded is muscular.

  1. German
  2. Shiloh
  3. Long Haired European


Silver German Shepherds are very adorable dogs. They are very popular among many pet owners.

silver dog

Big German shepherd

It is comparatively long and is robust and solid in its structure. This dod has a good head which looks great on its body. Its head is a bit wide between its eyes. The distinction of the pet is that its forehead is of rounded shape. There are different shades which are placed on their eyes. Normally they have brown shades but some dogs have black shades and there are some jf them who have golden brown shades. As far as the cheeks are concerned, they are of curved shape and are not full. The ears  are of medium size and are wide from the base. The tail has thick feathers and it reaches to hocks. Like other dogs, its tail is also curved but slightly. The Paws of this wonderful dog are round but short. However, its pads are of hard structure.

long-haired shepered

Black German shepherd

black dog

White German shepherd

These pets are one of the many color variants availale in German Shepherd breed. They look very attractive to the eye and are very great in looks.

white shepered

Some Valuable Information

The country of origin of German Shepherd is the United States of America. The average weight of male is between 90 to 150 pound. If measured in kilograms then it will be between 41 and 68 kgs. On the other hand, the weight of a female  is between 75 to 110 pounds. If measured in kilograms, then it will be between 34 to 50 kg.

The height of male is around 27 to 32 inches. If measured in cm, then it will be 69 to 81. For females, the height  is between 25 to 28 inches. If measured in cm, then the height will be 64 to 71 cm.

Temperament of these dogs

The temperament of German shepherd dog is very moderate one. These dogs are self confident and have a very moderate and well balanced personality. They have a good healthy and functional nervous system. These dogs are full of confidence, that’s why its rare to observe shyness in them. It is the dog that has highest intelligence level. Due to high intelligence level, they are easier to train. They are very good at winning the confidence of their owners as they show complete faith in their owners. Naturally, shepherd dogs are courageous and don’t afraid from any circumstances. They perform well as watchdogs as they have a great wealth of strength and courage. German shepherd dogs behave friendly with children and also are not jealous of other animals. These dogs have a great stamina and don’t get tired of.

Things to note

If you live in an apartment and want to keep German shepherd, then its not a good idea. These dogs love to live in a big space i.e. large yard. The reason for living in a big space is that, they love to keep themselves engaged in physical activities. You will need to train them, that’s why, you will always need a big space to do so. These dogs love challenges and will always look towards you for giving them some challenge on the field. These dogs also want to have outing everyday. So you will have to take them for a long walk. If you won’t keep German Shepherd busy then the chances are that these dogs will become restless and their behavior can be destructive.

The Grooming

The coat of German shepherd is very reliable when it comes to survive in harsh weather. However, you should be brushing them on the regular basis. You should also bath your pet whenever you feel that taking bath is due for them.