About Us

This is a site that is a good place to call “home” if you are owned by a German shepherd. We welcome ALL animal lovers here. This is a community page created for the dog lover in you. Please share your questions, friendly comments, your photos and just have fun.

Adult and puppy German Shepherd Dogs are saved from these shelters, they are worked with to help socialize them with humans of all ages, other dogs/puppies, and varying environments. We provide a loving, safe home with basic human and animal “manners” training, whilst in the search of finding their truly deserved forever home.

We are all here in the best interests of our dogs, so let’s all have fun and enjoy them, teach when we can, and learn from others. There is not one person here that knows it all, so let’s all respect each other’s feelings.

Rodger Cole is the Founder of this site. He was the president of The German Shepherd Nation Admin Team. He has worked with puppies and adult dogs, but his main passion and love is for the German Shepherd Dog, and so decided to become a German Shepherd Dog rescue.

This page was created so everyone from all over the world could come together to show off their German Shepherd Dogs and also to learn about the breed. All breeds are welcome here.