Are German shepherds good with kids?

Are German shepherds good with kids?

German Shepherds are really great dogs when it comes to deal with children. They are highly intelligent and love to play with kids. You just need to train them in a proper way so that they may understand well about how to deal with children. On the other side, you should also teach your children that how to behave with such a dog. If you trained your pet to be good with kids, then for sure, your dog and kids will have a great time together.

Another point that you must remember for Shepherd dogs, that they must be brought in contact with kids in an early age. Because, these pets are good with only those people to whom they know and can relate with themselves. By keeping a pet from an early age, you make it enable to understand norms and culture of your house and that’s why after learning a Shepherd become good with your kids.

a dog with a kid

You should hire some professional trainer to teach your GSD how to behave. The best source for doing so is to enroll your dog in obedience classes. The scope of training is not limited to just dogs only. You should also enroll your family members in training class to know that what the appropriate way of dealing with dogs is. Just in case, if your dog is trained, but your family members are not trained then it will cause a lot of confusion in the mind of your dog. He won’t be able to comprehend what to do in such a undisciplined environment. You should be very consistent in dealing with your pet so that things and rules become clear in your dog’s mind.

Like our kids, they also want to bite around sometime. To fulfill their need, you should purchase some toys to which your dog can bite whenever it wants to. In the same time, you should also instruct your children for not removing your dog’s toys and should be respectful about the personal space of your pet.

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You can also train your dog to be nice with kids by feeding him food with your own hands. Such practice of feeding food by your own hands will teach your dog that how to overcome food aggression sentiments. When you are sure that you dog has understood that how to eat gently from your hand then it means that you can safely assume that your dog won’t be harsh towards your kids as well. When dog is eating food, don’t disturb him and also you should instruct this to your children. On the general note, German Shepherd dogs are very humble and loyal with their masters and kids. They are so much involved with their masters that they become eternal part of their lives. Hence, you just need to train your dog well as to how to behave with kids. And also instruct your children that how to behave with the dog.