Cool and fun facts about German shepherds

Cool and fun facts about German shepherds

German Shepherds are both very friendly and strange for the people. The things that they like most are friends, fun and a good food. Those people who love them, they love them back. And those people who don’t show much interest towards them, then they will be treated with a cold shoulder too.

They are active dogs and that’s why they don’t like to remain inactive for long. They also get irritated when some uninvited person knocks at the door. However, they love to please their masters and are always curious to figure out what’s hidden in the bushes.

Aloof creature

German shepherds are the dogs who love their owners and keep strangers at bay. Naturally, they don’t like strangers at home, but with proper training they can learn to learn strangers at home. But still, they will record their protest against the strangers. Every pet wants that his territory should not breached.

The best protectors

The Shepherd is quite sensitive for the safety of children and that’s why they don’t like any stranger. Whenever a stranger knocks at the door, the dog will always belt out a vicious bark to let the stranger know that he is unwelcome. This dog is known as the best protector and , don’t hesitate to put its life at risk to save his loved one and master.

On this video you cas see how the dog is protetecting a girl:


These German dogs are highly energetic dogs and that’s why it’s very necessary to give them a good play time and challenging roles. If you won’t make arrangement for your dog to consume his energy then your pet will turn out to be aggressive animal. When they remain idle for long then these dogs start to bark and running around in the house.


They are very intelligent dogs. There is no proof needed to ascertain that they are the most intelligent breed, but still, for the purpose of giving an example, these dogs were ranked third in a competition of 200 breed dogs, and that too by AKC. Due to the high intelligence level, these dogs are very easy to train. They learnt fast and act on commands very efficiently.


You won’t find any shepherd who doesn’t want to figure out things. No matter how complex or weird a thing is, the dog will always try to figure out. These dogs always want to explore anything which is new for them and love to check out their territory almost every day. The most curious phase of their lives is when they are minor puppies.


They are the dogs who can run with a high speed, then can also stop themselves within no time and they can also take a turn without hurting anybody or themselves. Due to their agility, they are also hired by the police department. However, when  German shepherd is a puppy, it doesn’t look very charming due to the fact that it has long limbs.

a dog in winter

They suffer from Hip Dysplasia

Like other animals, these dogs also become victim of several diseases. However, the biggest health problem that is associated with these dogs is of Hip Dysplasia. They suffer this disease because of poor breeding. Hence, it is important to verify that the breeder is authentic one and is endorsed by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

They come in three Colors

The most common color  is black and beige. In addition to that, some of them are of dark black and white color. Just in case, if you are the one who wants to show up your pup, then there is a bad news: According to American Kennel Club, white shepherds are termed as disqualified.

Shed too much

These pets  are in the news because of their excessive shedding. Those owners who brush their dogs regularly are also wary of their shedding. One of the owners said that, he brushes his dog and in just fifteen minutes his dog again start to shed hair. Those people who don’t brush their dogs suffer most. Hence, it is advisable that you must brush your pet on a regular basis.