German shepherd average life span

German shepherd average life span

According to digital data available across the web, the average life span of a German Shepherd dog is 9 to 13 years only. They are also known by other various names. In the United Kingdom these dogs are called Alsatian or Alsatian Wolf Dog. They are also known as Beger Allemand, Deutsccher Schaferund and Schaferhund. They are also called GSD as abbreviation.

These dogs have colors which are commonly tan and with black saddle. They normally weigh around 30 to 40 kilograms. The weight of female German Shephard is around 20 to 30 kilograms. They are well structured and have a charming personality. They have a distinctive ability to make difference between a child and an adult and behave accordingly.

As the name shows itself, the origin of these pets belongs to the Germany.

They are very muscular and strong dogs. They are also very intelligent and can take care well of their masters. They are so popular that they are also the part of military and they are often found checking bags and other stuff at airports. These dogs are very vigilant and can be trusted for their detective intelligence. They don’t give up and have a great stamina of running and performing duties with military officials.

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The expected life span of a dog is around 12 years. However, some dogs live more than that and there are some who can’t fight for a long life. Those dogs who are fed well and remain under strict medical checkup tend to live longer than dogs who are not fed that well.

These German pets are the family members, and behave well with children and don’t let stranger come in the home. They are the most reliable dogs every found on earth. However, you should properly train them to get most of them. If properly trained and cared, these dogs prove to be great friends and watchmen. There are various stages of German Shephard dogs. You will also have to take care of emotional and physical side of these dogs growing up phase. Some people, really don’t know how to grow up  Shepherd dog, and that’s why their GSD turn up as an aggressive one. You should respect its life and privacy and deal him with a consistent behavior .

They have two coats. Normally, German Shephard dog has a thick outer coat and they do shed throughout the year. Some people get worried when their dog start to shed hair, however, this is pretty normal thing .

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German shepherd rottweiler mix

German shepherd rottweiler mix life span is also as much as the other German Shepherd dogs. They also live up to the life span of 11 to 13 years provided they don’t fall victim to any disease or accident.

German Shepherd Collie Mix

German shepherd collie mix life span is also the same – of 11 to 13. They are great dogs and show their full loyality towards their masters and are very intelligent too. You should take care of their wellbeing by providing them best food and a suitable excerise environment. Take your  dog to outing in the time of morning, or in evening.