German shepherd ears – Health tips

German shepherd ears – Health tips

Many German Shepherd owners are often found asking me that when does their ears stand up. My answer is that pups need some time to master this technique.

Definitely, the floppy ears look cute on a playful puppy, but some shepherd owner wonder whether the ears will ever stand up. It is a known fact that those dogs who are produced from mixed breed, usually take more time. So, if you have a mixed breed pup, then you will have to wait and see.

Experts and veterinarians are of the view that floppy ears are common in shepherd while they are growing up. When a GFD is in the process of teething, their ears normally don’t stand up.

This phase will normally last for five weeks, i.e. between 16 & 20 weeks. After that period, German Shephard’s ear cartilage will become strong to keep their ears stand up permanently.

You may also notice that during teething months, ears of your dog up for a matter of one or two days. Their ears go up also when they feel some excitement or hear some sudden abnormal noise.

If you ever have seen their ears erected even for a while, then be sure that after completion of teething period, your dog will have raised up ears in its adulthood. So if your german shepherd’s ears are not standing, then don’t worry. They will stand up one day for sure.

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Ears not standing

If your German Shephard can’t stand up its ears even after five months of age, then it’s the time to have an appointment with an expert veterinarian or the breeder from whom you had purchased this dog.

If you are really passionate about the standing up ears of the dog. However, if you really can wait, it would be better. Normally, the ear cartilage gets stronger in the eight months. So, if you are worrying about ears not standing up while your dog is just as old as 5 months, then probably you are becoming impatient. However, if ears are not standing even after 8 months, then it’s the matter of worrying only.

So, instead of worrying about the ears not standing up while your puppy is still in the early weeks of its age, you should enjoy having company with it. Take its picture and upload on Facebook or tweet it with your followers on Twitter. Or just make a news by uploading it to instagram. Just have a good time and the ears will stand up on the right time.

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