German shepherd grooming tips and tools

German shepherd grooming tips and tools

The problem with a German shepherd dog, that is frequently faced by their owners, is that they shed too much.

The reason that pets shed too much, is that they have a double coat. Outer coat is destined to be thick and rough while the inner coat is wooly and dense.

Some of the dogs have a long outer coat and some have short. But it really doesn’t matter. A German shepherd dog will shed hair anyway. This activity of shedding hair is known as “blowing the coat”

In order to lessen the shedding effect, the experts are of the view that, you should groom your dog on a daily basis without any interval. Some people face shedding problems more than often, because they don’t groom their pets on a regular basis.

Tools for grooming

Here you will find valuable information regarding grooming tools which you must have. The availability of such grooming tools will help you to carry out grooming activity efficiently and smoothly.

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As German shepherd has a double coat, in that instance, grooming rake will be the right tool to use for grooming. As Grooming rake helps you to pull out chunks from loosening undercoat.

Another effective tool to groom these dogs is shedding blade. Shedding blade plays a vital role in removing loose hairs. You should have a regular dog brush too, this will help you to keep your dog’s fur neat and clean. In the end, the last tool which you should have is a damp washcloth. You will use washcloth for removing loose and flaky skin. It also helps to remove stubborn bits of remaining fluff.

How to groom  them?

There is one valuable tip for grooming your dog with ease and efficiency. Lay down your dog on one side, groom it, and then change the side. By lying down your dog this way, you will have more space and time to observe loopholes in grooming.

During this activity, you will also come to know whether the skin of your dog is having some problems. Use grooming- rake for removing loose fur. Grooming rake is also the best tool for removing a great quantity of fur at a time. Its use becomes more beneficial when used during the ‘coat blows’ time. You will be in a position to pull out all the loose and wooly tufts, and it will save you a lot of time. You may end up with using shedding blade to finish grooming activity. In the end, use slicker brush when your dog is drying up after taking bath.

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By temperament and physique, German shepherds are known as tough boys, but their skin is quite sensitive indeed.

The activity of grooming is very vital for the good health of dog’s skin and coat’s health. So ensure that, you groom your dog on a daily basis so that it may not fall victim of any unwanted health issues.