German shepherd shedding solutions

German shepherd shedding solutions

It’s normal for all animals to shed their hair. The same is true for the dogs. The amount of hair that are shed depends upon the coat of an animal. Naturally, the German Shepherd has a double coat and the outer coat of German Shephard is normally rough and thick. The American Kennel Club breed standard also says so. Inside the outer coat, there is another coat which is dense in its structure. Not only the inner coat is dense, it is also in intermingle position and is wooly. Some people are really worried about their dogs that they shed so much and think that this is abnormal. However, in reality, this practice of shedding hair is quite normal for German Shephard dogs.

As far as the outer coat concerned, it can be both, long and short. However, no matter whether the outer coat of your dog is long or short, one thing is sure, your dog will shed hair continuously. Each year in the seasons of spring and fall, the undercoat will fall out completely. This activity is called “blowing the coat”.

Hence, the best practice in this scenario is to brush your dog on the daily basis. Some people brush their dogs on a weekly basis, however, this practice is not sufficient. For pups, it is recommended that you should bath them twice in a year and that too during coat blow phase.

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Shedding problem

As we discussed above that dogs sheds a lot of hair so you should be mentally prepared for this. No doubt German Shepherd is very loyal and loving, but it comes with a cost. You have to groom your GSD on a daily basis. There are two coats of GSD. One, the outer and other the inner. The outer coat  is very hairy and thick. Inner one is less hairy, but it is also a thick one. In order to groom your German Shephard, you will need a rake brush, metal comb, shampoo and dog hair brush. Make sure that you have all these items available permanently.

You can cope with the GSD shedding problem by keeping your dog fit and healthy. For a good health, your dog should eat healthy food that is high protein. You should have chicken, beef kibble and lamb as the routine diet of your pet. This type of diet will be beneficial for your dog and it will also keep its coat healthy.

Groom your dog everyday and for that purpose you will need a hair brush. Just in case, if your dog has a thick coat, then you will have to buy a metal comb. Don’t compromise on the quality of grooming equipments. Bathing should be your rare practice. You may bath your GSD twice a year only. Some indications of bathing, are that your dog is looking dirty, smelly or its coat is becoming too rough. If your GSD looks great, then there is no need to bath it.

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Shedding season

There is no proper season of German Shephard shedding, it’s a daily business. Hence, a German shepherd will be shedding its hair in a fair quantity every day. There are two seasons in which hair doesn’t shed them much and these are spring and fall. In these seasons, dog has to keep it warm, and it’s also a time when it changes its coat.

Shedding in winter

Normally, this dog shed hair all the year, but some GSDs shed hair in winter season. The main reason of such shedding of hair is that they change their coat this way. Winter season is a harsh one, that’s why dogs will prepare themselves by shedding their hair and covering up a warm coat. So, if your GSD is shedding in winter, then don’t worry about it. It’s quite a routine and normal thing. However, if you really don’t like hair in every part of your home, then you can take it to pet groomers for lighting up their hair.