Growth Chart of German Shepherd

Growth Chart of German Shepherd

Following is the Growth Chart of German Shepherd from the age of one month to one year. To ascertain whether your dog is healthy, kindly compare the age of your Shepherd with this chart, and see whether your dog is gaining weight according to standard parameters.

Growth Chart from Puppy to Adult.

Age (Months)Male
Weight (Kgs)Weight in PoundsPercentage to totalWeight (Kgs)Weight in Pounds

Weight chart by age

Above mentioned is the  weight chart of both male and female dog. This is a yardstick for you to see if your dog is healthy. You should make sure that your dog is living up to this growth chart. You can also divide this chart into weeks by dividing it with 4.

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Puppy growth chart

This chart is a best way to ascertain the health of your puppy’s growth. When you bring home a puppy who is just a week old then be considerate of its health. The normal procedure is that if your dog is healthy, then it should double its weight in a matter of one week. Once, your puppy has gained weight, then it will be increasing at the rate of 5 to 10% onwards.

Growth stages

01  – The Neonatal Stage

The first stage is called Neonatal stage. In this stage, your pet will be very little and in helpless state. In Neonatal stage, your dog’s eyes will be closed, hence it will be totally on his / her mother’s mercy. During this stage, the mother of your dog will be feeding him milk.

02 of  The Transitional Stage


The second stage  is a brief one. In this stage of growth, your pet will learn to socialize. This phase only lasts for the period of one week only. During this period your shepherd will start to observe its surroundings. During this brief stage, your puppy will start to experience things and will get acquainted with people around him. In this stage, he has come out of his own self and is now ready to become an eternal part of your life.

03 – The Socialization Stage

In socialization stage, your shepherd puppy would be around three week’s age. During this stage, your  puppy would be learning how to interact with you and other animals, if you have any. By this time, he would definitely have learned that how to interact and identify his mother, but in the socialization stage, he will enlarge his circle of influence.
The socialization stage is a very critical and important one. This stage will determine, that how your German Shepherd dog will be in its future. For example, if your pet, passed well through stage, then it will be a good family member who can perform well during emergency periods. He will be good at rescue you or can take care well of your children and family members.

During the socialization stage, you should make your puppy know as many people as possible. This stage will determine that to whom your dog thinks his own or treats like a stranger. By letting your dog meet many people, you are helping it to be comfortable with as many people as possible. The Socialization stage lasts for a period of three months only. This is also the stage in which  puppy would love to be active and will pass its time by playing.

04 – The Juvenile Stage

This growth stage starts from the age of three months and lasts till the age of six months. During this stage, your dog will want to explore more in its life. This is the stage, in which your dog will like to see more places than humans and other fellow animals. So, in this stage, you should be mindful about the probable problems which may be encountered by your shepherd. In this stage, your puppy would have attained a grown up shape, but mentally it will be like a pup. In this phase of its growth, your puppy will behave like a human who passes through teenage. During this phase, your puppy won’t be able to focus or pay attention. Hence, you won’t be able to train him well. However, you will have to be considerate and pay attention to your dog, so that you may address psychological problems, like aggression and anxiety. It is very important that you keep on addressing these problems of your pub. If you didn’t, then the chances are that you will have to face more problematic dog in the future. By the age of five months, your dog will turn into a mature one.

05 – the Adolescent Stage

The adolescent age  is just like the adolescent stage of a human being. During this stage, your dog will undergo many physical changes and the sexual hormones will change into him. This is the stage in which your dog will demarcate his territory and will try to defend it through fighting to other dogs as well. However, your dog will be kind to female dogs. By now, your dog is physically strong but its emotions are still unstable.

 06 – The Adult

When a pet reaches the age of three years, it’s the time when you may call it an adul dog. During this age, your dog will attain peace and won’t be a troublesome dog, which it was during the earlier stages. During this stage, he will be mature, daring and a respectful one. This is the time when you will be more relaxed with your dog. If you have invested a good deal of time to train your dog, then it would be a great partner, and will help you in time of difficulties and will be a good gatekeeper.

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