How to train a German shepherd dog

How to train a German shepherd dog

This post will teach you that how to train the German Shepherd Dog. When you go to bring your Dog home, please remember to carry choke chain with you. You should also have a lead with you for your safe purpose. Some people depend upon normal collar, however, this practice is unsafe, as the dog can easy slip from it. The use of normal Collar is only advisable when your dog has started to know you as its master.

You should keep your Shepherd in the beginning because these dogs are not friendly with strangers. You should not try to introduce your dog with other people to know your dog doesn’t know. So in this situation, when your dog is new at home, it is not advisable to arrange a welcome party. There is no need to invite friends, neighbors or relation to see your dog. Let your new pet settle in your home first.

When it is new at home, he will be curious for many things. The best practice, in this scenario is to have a walk with him in your garden.

a puppy runing

Always be conscious about the external doors that they are properly shut. There is the possibility that, if you didn’t shut up the door properly, your dog may run out of the home.

Make arrangement of a clean water bowl for your dog. Also, bring the place of water bowl in your dog’s attention. You don’t need to be over concentrating up on the movement of your dog. Let him go and see home by himself. You just have to keep an eye over it distantly.

How to train a puppy

Training a  puppy is easier than training a  grown up dog. By training a GS puppy, you have the opportunity to train your dog anything you like. Because, the brain of a puppy is quite fresh. It’s not that grown up Dogs can’t be taught, but in teaching grown up dog needs a lot of effort because the mentality and personality of a grown up pet is already established.

To Train your puppy just play with him

The first thing which you should do is to break the fear factor of your puppy. Remember, only those pets bite, who are afraid of you. Hence, the first thing is to become friendly with your pet and playing with it is the best option. Once, your dog is familiar and friendly with you then it will be easier for you to train him.

Turn your puppy on his back

This is the first step to teach your Shepherd. You should make him turn on his back. A dog that isn’t afraid will obey your instruction. Turning up on the back is the sign that your dog trusts you and is not afraid. It is also the sign of submission. If your dog is protesting too much then there is a problem with your dog and will turn up disobedient in the end. So again, the best thing is to develop a trust relationship with your dog.

a dog attacking

How to train a dog to attack

If you are training your Shepherd to attack then it comes up with a huge liability. If you want to teach it, the better option is to teach your dog how to attack by a experienced trainer. Because, this comes with a lot of determination. There is also a big risk involved in teaching your pet to attack. Any wrong signal may end up hurting your family member or any other person to which your dog is aiming at.

How to train a dog to protect

Shepherds are really intelligent dogs and they can protect you in odd circumstances. It is also the part of its DNA to protect its owner. However, a little training can make your dog more efficient in protecting you. You can conduct a mock session with your dog in which you pretend like you are in trouble and see what’s the response of your dog. The other best option is to train your dog through experience trainer.

How to train a shepherd not to bite

The German Shepherd dog bites only when it is afraid of something or there is something which is going to intimidate him. In the beginning, you should wear your dog choke chain so that your dog may not open its mouth at full length. However, if your dog is not afraid, it’s not going to bite at all.