How to train German shepherd

How to train German shepherd

Most of the German Shepherds are well trained and disciplined and it is because of their training which has made them the most disciplined dogs. There are different ways to train a dog. 1. The first way is to train a puppy. These can be easily trained and follow your instructions. 2. Play with your puppy to make them friendly and understandable. 3 Let your puppy participate in an obedience class. 4. Provide proper food to your puppy before start the training. 5. Make sure the training session must be of around 20 minutes daily.

Training puppy

When you train your puppy, there are different methods used to train them. When you take your puppy out for the walk, they mostly start pulling you. The best thing is that you must stop walking in that case so the puppy will stop. Get back and call the puppy then they will start walking.

When the puppy barks if someone comes to your house the best way is to make them relax because they are alarming you about the stranger. When the dog comes to bite give them a soft toy to play.

Training tips

Some tips for training the Germen Shepherd are really important or we can say the techniques for training them are very important to know. These are one of the most beautiful and intelligent animals in the world so you need to handle them with technique. The most important thing is that you need to understand that when and what time is best for them to get trained and they must be active and filled up with food. The best way to train your dog is to spend a lot of time with time make them your friends and try to mold them when you think that they are friendly enough and can understand your instructions.

a dog training

Training commands

By following some dog training commands you can easily train the Germen Shepherd as they are very intelligent and there level of understanding is very sharp. You must train the basic commands to your dog so it can easily understand the instructions.1. Teaching the Dog to sit. 2. Teaching the dog to get down. 3.  Teaching the dog to start walk. 4. Tell them to stop. 5. Stop them to bark at others.6. Come inside or go out. These are some of the common instruction you have to teach your dog and they will follow them by movements of your hands. The main command is that if your dog is standing few steps away from you so don’t let them come close and teach them to stands few steps away from you.


Some of the main commands the specially to train your pet and these commands are the key and trick to handle these dogs. Some of the common commands are:

Achtung means be attention

Bleib means stay there.

Hier! : means come here

Nein: it means No­

Pass auf: it means pay attention.

Setz: it means sit or sit down.

Training videos

If you have some confusion regarding the German Shepherd and want to have an idea related to training your dog, then the best way to train your dog is to follow the training videos so you can understand the way to train them and it will be the guidance for you to handle the dog in certain situations which you don’t know and don’t expect your dog to do. This will be a helping guidance for you to train your dog.

Training books

For training the Shepherd there are lots of books are available for you to train your dog. These books contain all those information and knowledge that the owner must know and it is also a plus point if the owner reads a training book before start training their dogs so they can easily handle the dog in different situations in which the dog is not cooperating with the owner or sometimes the dogs does not respond in these cases it is important to know what they want.