Nike aims to bring innovation and inspiration to all athletes worldwide. It’s considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment. It takes its name from the goddess of victory and so blesses athletes wearing their products so that they’ll be guided towards victory. Those who will be attending the World Underage Club Championship will be given discount coupons of up to 50% in Nike shops so that they can equip themselves with high quality sportswear.




There’s nothing better to quench one’s thirst than with the leading beverage in the world, Coca-Cola. Selected areas in all golf courses will have a stall that offers soft drinks, sports drink, and fruit juices from the company. Exhausted players can take a rest and refresh themselves with a good drink.





Golf Galaxy understands you need to make more one-putts and hit more fairways. Thus, it equips experts with only the latest golf shoes and apparel which can help young golfers adjust to the different conditions of the golf course. Golf Galaxy will be supplying the winners with best golf equipment packages.


Gold Medallion Awards, the leading source of sports awards and trophies in San Diego County partners with us and supplies handcrafted trophies for the winners. These trophies come custom engraving saying “World Underage Club Champion” with the sports division.


The San Diego County Junior Golf Association is a non-profit organization open to all junior golfers in San Diego. It has a history of producing champions in the NCAA national and even in the PGA tour. Thus, joining the association will be a privilege. All of those joining the World Underage Club Championship will be given free membership.