The World Underage Club Championship is a top event that allows players aged below 18 years old to compete against the best junior golfers from around the world. It is always held in the most famous golf club, Torrey Pines located in San Diego, California. The Torrey Pines Golf Club is also where the Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA Tour takes place.

The World Underage Club Championship usually takes place in July.  It consists of tournaments catered to different age groups. There are six age groups that both cater for boys and girls. There are particular course for each age group. The age group ranges from under 6 to 15-17. The courses they played in ranges from par-3 course wherein the youngest participants compete in and the Torrey Pines which 15- 17s compete in.

The World Underage Club Championship was first held in 2010. The heads of San Diego Junior Golf Association decided to create a tournament dedicated for Junior Golfers from different countries. The World Underage Club Championship is currently hosted in a country club in San Diego. The three founders of the tournament thought that the tournament would be a perfect avenue for junior golfers to compete against their peers and participate in a cultural exchange.

The San Diego County Junior Golf Association has serving the youth as their core principle. We believe that the conception of the World Underage Club Championship is an international extension of the principle of serving the youth. Not only do they want to celebrate golf as a sport but also they want to promote a greater understanding amongst the youth.

On its first year, there are around 480 competitors coming from seven countries. The tournament eventually grew and it boasts to have 1200 participants from 56 countries. The World Underage Club Championship is the biggest international golfing tournament for those who are under 18. However, most of the Junior European golfers do not participate in this competition. Most of the qualifying events take place in the US and 30 other countries.

The tournament is pretty popular in the junior golfing scene. Due to its diverse pool of competitors, junior golfers believe that this is a perfect stepping stone for their golfing careers. There have been a lot of past junior champions that went on to become a professional golfer. If you want to be one of them too, you can join the tournament now.